flowershop’s Five On Friday: Ashley Donaldson

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Metro Detroit musician Ashley Donaldson, best known as the bassist for the incredible folk group Amessa. We’re excited to bring her playlist to you.

You can check out her Spotify playlist and insight behind her choices below. Make sure to connect with us on Spotify to keep updated with future playlists!

The Grey by Movements
I love this whole album so much. Listened to it on repeat the first month it was out. I appreciate lyrics that describe feelings and scenarios that I can never put words to. It’s a relief, quite honestly.

Distant Truth, Pt. 3 by Household
Time Spent and their split with Infinite Me are two albums that I nonstop listened to last year. This song just means so much to me.

Sylvia by Weathered
This song is absolutely beautiful. Lyrically and instrumentally.

Woodland by The Paper Kites
I’m beyond ready for spring to be here. I imagine this song, the whole EP really, will be great to listen to driving around with the windows down.

Stay Alive by José González
I love José Gonzaléz’s voice and instrumentals. This song feels so hopeful and sweet.

photo by Jackie Martinez

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