flowershop’s Five On Friday: Brady Stablein

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have five songs curated by Brady Stablein, best known for his position in the Detroit rock band Brother Elsey. You can check out his Spotify playlist and insight behind his choices below!

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“This House is Not for Sale” by Ryan Adams

I love this song. And you’ll probably find me saying this a lot, but I love this song on a deep, almost creepy level. It’s simple in the sense that there’s a story and it’s right there in front of you, but it kind of changes itself suddenly and takes you back to a weird age where you’re too young to control massive changes yet too young to really give a shit. It’s playful and devastating all at the same time and I don’t think there’s a more perfect combination of emotions.

“Dry Year” by Noah Gundersen

So there’s this album called White Noise and like most albums that introduce major change to the artists, it didn’t pull me in at first. And then I listened to this song. And then I really listened to the others. And then I came to the realization that the album is a masterpiece and this song epitomizes 1. the albums theme as a whole and 2 . what it’s really like to be growing and learning in this age of everything all the time. Listen to this song because it’s important that you do and damn it, you’ll thank me later.

“If we were Vampires” by Jason Isbell

When Jason Isbell came out with his new record, I think I listened to this song 12 times in a row. It’s comforting and real and I find myself thinking about the premise more than I really care to admit. Its about love and death, and the imminence in both that we all feel as a burden. It forces you to realize that death is what makes love stronger and deeper and honest and forgiving. It’s timeless writing and I’m glad to be around for it.

“The End” by Macklemore

I think we all have those songs that take you back to high school, this is the one. I know every word, to the T, without exception. I love it. I’ve never been one for rap or hip-hop, and I know some of you may think that Macklemore is a cop-out, but listen to this song. Please. If you hate it, I give you permission to send me a middle finger emoji or something. But I promise you’ll love it.

“Blue World” by Anna Tivel

I found this song on a random Spotify playlist a few weeks ago and after the first line I made sure it stuck around. She’s got a timeless, Dolly Parton type voice that only some are born with. Like the type of voice that’ll demand you listen to her but you have no choice. It’s the kind of weary comfort you only get with a glass of shitty boxed wine. Listen to this song and let her voice break your bones. Don’t fight it.

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