flowershop’s Five On Friday: Eliel Lyn

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have five songs curated by Eliel Lyn, a singer/songwriter from metro Detroit. She released her debut album, “Daylight Waits” last year — check it out on Bandcamp.

You can check out her Spotify playlist and insight behind her choices below!

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“I Heard Love Is Blind” by Amy Winehouse
I love every part of this song: the instrumentation, the chords, the lyrics.. I admit, the
lyrics are pretty scandalous, yet witty, but because of Amy Winehouse’s boldness as a lyricist,
it encouraged me not to hold back in my own writing.

“Retrograde” by  James Blake
I’m not sure what James Blake intended for this song, but it sure helped me during a
difficult time in my life. I had this song on repeat in a season where I was cutting myself off of
toxic relationships and had to discover for myself what kind of person I wanted to be. The
lyrics were the most relevant for me at the time, and brought me to a place of finding myself
and being okay with making decisions that I felt strongly about that others close to me didn’t
agree with.

“C. S. Lewis Song” by Brooke Fraser
The album that this song is from is what really got me into songwriting, and this song, in
particular, gave me my drive to give my songwriting more purpose. Music can be powerful, and
what I write lyrically and musically can, and should stir more in listeners.

“Emotions” by Destinys Child
This is one of my favorite vocal performances by Beyoncé. It just sounds like she was
put in the recording booth and as soon as the engineer hit record, a butterfly fluttered out of
her beautiful mouth (lol). But really, she is so incredibly talented in every way and I have always
aspired to be her (who doesn’t wanna be Queen B?).

“Felix Culpa” by Kings Kaleidoscope
I LOVE this band, and after 4 amazing albums it was very difficult to pick only one song.
I really had to fight the urge to pick all King’s Kaleidoscope songs for this playlist. I picked this
song because I shed at least one (1) tear every time I listen to it… Listen to the lyrics. Listen to
the instruments. Listen to the production. There are so many things going on, and yet it all
perfectly fits. Even with 2 drummers, brass, strings, woodwinds, 2 guitars, a bass, a piano and
a keyboard and a backing track, it’s not overwhelming, or too crazy, just pure genius.

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