flowershop’s Five On Friday: Formerly Bodies

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Metro Detroit singer-songwriter Hannah Weir, best known as Formerly Bodies. We’re excited to bring her playlist to you.

You can check out her Spotify playlist and insight behind her choices below!

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B a noBody (Spotify Session) by SOAK
I discovered SOAK back in July, and everything released is FIRE. SOAK has been on repeat for me ever since. I cannot get enough. That voice. The feels. The environment this song creates.. Absolute perfection to my ears. Check out SOAK. You will not regret it.
I’m Safer In An Airplane by Copeland
For my days of lying on the couch, with all the curtains and blinds open, and my mind is cycling it’s unstoppable thoughts- Copeland is always the answer. This song has brought me out of my head, and helped me to remember that love will always be the strongest, most powerful force, and I would not be alive without it. Give this song a listen.. or two… or just listen to their entire discography over and over like me.
Appointments by Julien Baker
I listened to this song about 30 times the day it was released. I remember crying in the kitchen, and then went for a walk in the rain, while continuing to listen. This song helped me to remember it’s okay to take care of myself and my emotional needs.. and to know that things will be okay. I often feel things will not be okay, but my ultimate truth is that anxiety and depression won’t be my forever. And this song is a constant reminder of those truths for me. SUCH a good song.
Follows by Tigers Jaw
My friend and roommate, Ashley, showed me Tigers Jaw a couple a months back. She was listening to them often, so I finally picked up on it, and added their album “Spin” on my “New Stuff to Know” playlist on Spotify. This song, for me, is about freedom. The lyrics in this song, “Breathing in slow, breathing out and letting go” have quite literally helped me to breathe in a world that pulls and tugs at our lungs. Beautiful lyricism, beautiful instrumentation, beautiful music- all around. Do not sleep on Tigers Jaw, like I was. You need this, too.
Prehistoric by Now, Now
THIS SONG. THIS BAND. THIS ALBUM. UGH. This has been my absolute favorite band since I was 16. My mind and body literally crave listening to them- I need Now, Now. There is not a thing Now, Now can do wrong. This song specifically has incredible drumming; tone-wise, and beat-wise. The lyrics and how they’re placed and sung just hit something in my heart every time, and i only ever want to listen to it again and again. You will too. Trust me.
I’m SUPER dang specific about the music I listen to, but these are just a few of my favorites. Hope you enjoy my extremely opinionated-chosen music!

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