flowershop’s Five On Friday: Kostka

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Detroit singer/songwriter Kostka. We’re excited to bring his playlist to you.

You can check out his Spotify playlist and insight behind his choices below!

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Happy Kid by Nada Surf
To celebrate 15 years of their album “Let Go”, I chose the song “Happy Kid” because of the mood this song puts me in. After being introduced to their catalog over the past year I became obsessed and fell in love with this band. Long live Nada Surf.

Reindeer Games by Oso Oso
I’ve been following Oso Oso (formerly Oso Oso Oso) for a few years now… from basements to sold out venues, it’s been a pleasure watching Jade grow as a musician. Reindeer Games carries catchy hooks all the way through.. I find myself repeating the chorus over and over.

Train Hopping in Dixieland by Northstar
Easily one of my favorite bands of all time. This song takes me back to my earlier years as a kid discovering music in the early 2000’s. My favorite band on Triple Crown to this day. RIP Northstar.

Lost My Shape by David Bazan
This song gives me the feels every single time I listen to it… that’s all I can really say at this time. Listen to David Bazan

Slide Away by Oasis
My jam throughout the summer of 2017 and up to this point. “Let me be the one who shines with you” lingers throughout my mind every time I give this song a listen. One of my favorite Oasis songs of all time.

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