flowershop’s Five On Friday: Kurt Roy

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Seattle musician/recording engineer Kurt Roy. He is best known for his indie pop band Sea Salt. We’re excited to bring his playlist to you.

You can check out his Spotify playlist and insight behind his choices below!

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Molly by Ratboys
 Ratboys put out an album “GN” this summer that quickly became my favorite album of the year. There’s something about the mixture of standard indie rock with a hint of country that I really like.  The overall cohesiveness of the album is another reason I like this track/album so much. It’s not easy to make an album sound seamless, and they did it.  Anyways, the first track “Molly” is a banger.  Give it a try. Good music to drive in the desert to.
Bad Ideas by Saintseneca
 Saintseneca is an awesome band from the worst state on the planet….Ohio.  I can only describe them as “farmcore”.  They’ve got this cool trick where the bass is always doing a two-fingered power chord thing that I think sounds so cool.  Just genuine farmcore from the worst state on the planet. Good music to plow your soybean crop in the year 2030 to.
Slop by Forth Wanderers
 I heard Forth Wanderer’s Audio Tree session and was instantly hooked.  Lead vocalist Ana has this super bored, dreary vibe about the way she sings, and it’s awesome. Their song structures are pretty wild, and there’s this overall non-pretentious, non-caring sense I get from listening to their songs that I really can connect with. Good music for walking home alone in the rain to.

Mythological Beauty by Big Thief
This song has been played by me probably 100 times this week. Whispery vocals over dry simple drums is where it’s at. Love minimal songs like this, it’s very inspiring to hear so much from so little instrumentation.  Great song to drive home from work in the dark to.

 Art School by Remo Drive
 Saw these dudes in Seattle a few weeks back and was blown away.  I had seen their audiotree before and noticed how much fun it looked like they were having.  Remo Drive sounds like Weezer slept with someone who was trying to stop writing pop-punk songs. “Art School” has some sick licks.  Good music to put on in the car on your way to your miserable day job.

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