flowershop’s Five On Friday: Narco Debut

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Detroit musician Eric Pachota, frontman of Narco Debut. We’re excited to bring his playlist to you.

You can check out his Spotify playlist and insight behind his choices below!

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How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

I’ve recently stumbled upon Whitney Houston. My past five Shazam uses have turned up Whitney Houston. Turns out, I love Whitney Houston. This is one of those songs that by the 2nd chorus I’m singing along and by the 3rd I’m belting it.

Oblivious by The Strokes

It had been some time since I checked in on The Strokes… essentially after Room On Fire devoured my adolescent brain, I didn’t think I was open to any other music from this group. Boy was I wrong. This song is glued together with hot riffs, premium sass, bendy solos, and this neoclassical vortex of a bridge. It’s a heck of a breath of fresh air.

Crack The Skye by Mastodon

I’m not a morning person —-and not like the cute, ‘don’t bother me until I’ve had my coffee’ way. I’m talking the, get out of my way, way. I feel like this song not only captures the anger that I feel driving to work every morning, but dislodges it. It’s been doing the trick since 2008. Effective when turned all the way up.

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

The ole famous cover song you didn’t quite know was a cover eh? I always thought Natalie’s voice was so pure and wonderful in this song. I also believe that the musical break in the song could be considered Canon for generations of songwriters to come.

Missing by Beck

Beck can really piece together some intricate rhythms. I feel like he respectfully doesn’t overstep. It’s one thing to push boundaries, it’s another to thoughtfully and methodically do so. This song makes me think of cooking — sure, anyone can throw random ingredients into a bowl. Beck masterfully makes something tasty pulled from some golden Frigidaire that stores music.

photo by Rolando Ybarra

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