flowershop’s Five On Friday: Noah de Leon

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Metro Detroit songwriter Noah de Leon. We’re excited to bring his playlist to you.

You can check out his Spotify playlist and insight behind his choices below!

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Seventeen by Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract’s album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story ended up being one of my favorites of 2016. There aren’t enough people able to flirt with so many genres in a single album and actually pull off as cohesive of a narrative as this album does. This is the first track from the record that stuck out to me. It’s been a majorly exciting time throughout 2017 watching him continue to gain success with his fantastic group BROCKHAMPTON, but this is the album & song that made me a fan, so I’d tell most people to start here.

Another White Dash by Butterfly Boucher

This has been one of my favorite pop songs for as long as I can remember. I have a signed CD of this album addressed to me, although I’m pretty sure this is the only song by her that I’ve ever heard. Although it was a major label release back in 2003, I don’t think I’ve met another person that knows this song.

Laughing With by Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor is one of the most unique singer-songwriters to me. Her music has this way of being just as gritty and expressive and it does elegant and composed. This particular song blends those two ends of her creative personality perfectly in my opinion — it makes me want to cry and smirk at life, at the same time.

Favourite Food by Tokyo Police Club

Anyone who I’ve talked about music around enough should know that Champ by Tokyo Police Club is one of my favorite albums of all time (even though I’ve fallen in and out of the band’s catalogue as a whole.) I always find myself retreating to this song when I’m starting a long drive, especially in the early morning. I like to imagine that if there was a quirky indie movie made about my life, this is the song that would play during the opening credits.

Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

Albeit a bit obvious, this song will always stick with me. To my ears, one of the best pieces of recorded music ever captured. I can never listen to this without my stomach getting heavy.

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