flowershop’s Five On Friday: Sean Highley

For this week’s Five On Friday, we have a playlist curated by Cincinnati creative Sean Highley, best known as the drummer for Let It Happen. We’re excited to bring his playlist to you.

You can check out his Spotify playlist and insight behind his choices below!

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Are We Alone by COIN
I was first sold on this band when I heard “Talk Too Much” for the first time and then anxiously awaited the LP to come out. When HWYKIYNT finally did drop, I felt completely let down, and was mad that the album didn’t live up to the single….Within a month of listening it because one of my top 5 records of 2017. The sound they have crafted is exactly my wavelength, and the chord progression and arrangement on this song is so good, and the guitar melodies feel almost uplifting to me, like I can do anything.

Enough by Speak Low If You Speak Love
I remember we were on tour with Good Luck Varsity in 2013 when Ryan showed me a solo album he had recorded which ended up being Everything But What You Need and living it of course, but in the 5 years that have passed since then it is so exciting to see how his tastes have changed, and how his music has developed. Both the song writing and production of “Enough” is just so impressive. Every space is filled with sound without sounding overloaded, and it is definitely worth listening for on your next listen.

Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays
I was shown this song by my friend Cody a couple of months ago, and can’t believe I had been sleeping on it. Something about the arrangement, and melodies of this song bring up a really melancholic nostalgia that is really cool to me.

Ready For You by HAIM
As far as I’m concerned, this band can do no wrong. They have tapped into a sound that is both a throwback and new/innovative at the same time. Everything is just so effortlessly cool. Ready for you takes a lot of risks that all pay off. The weird but brilliant key change in the bridge is so disorienting in the best way.

Raining by The Front Bottoms
The Front Bottoms is a band that I really admire because they have found a sweet spot where they evolve as a band, add new sounds, and take risks while still being the same band and keeping the familiar thing that I as a fan have loved about them. The guitar in “Raining” is one of my favorites on their new record, and this song is definitely worth a listen or 5.

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