10 Artists You Should See At StoopFest 2018

Written by Sarah Dropsey
For the third year in a row, residents of Lansing, Michigan and surrounding communities will make their way out to the East Side neighborhood on Saturday, April 21st for the entity known as “StoopFest”. Since the first year of the fest in 2016, local bands have been welcomed into various houses, backyards, and music venues to bring a day full of music, comedy, and art to the capital area. What began as a collection of house shows has grown to a community event with the recent inclusion of The Avenue, Mac’s Bar, and other Lansing landmarks.

In previous years, the lineup has featured national acts such as Laura Stevenson, Diners, and Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers, along with local acts like Hot Mulligan, Greet Death, and Michigander. This year headliner Speedy Ortiz will be joined by Suzi Analogue, Erica Freas, and many Michigan favorites like Mover Shaker, Bonny Doon, and Rent Strike.

A complete lineup and schedule can be found at stoopfest.org along with ticketing information! Read on below to check out 10 artists you should see at StoopFest 2018.

Vincie D & the Sensations | East Lansing, MI
Hometown favorites Vincie D & Sensations have been making their presence known in the East and Greater Lansing community since their start in October of 2015. The indie pop-rock three-piece have become famous for their mashup of Summer Lovin’ and Stacy’s Mom, which you could hear at Mac’s Bar in Lansing on any given Friday night. Vincie D & the Sensations will be playing from 7:15-8pm at Hayford Haus and you can check out their music here!

For Fans Of: smiling, having a great time with friends, dancing

James Gardin | Lansing, MI
Lansing’s very own James Gardin is a Spirit-led indie rapper and songwriter that has been using his art to prompt unity within the community since moving to the area at age ten. This self taught musician is popular among fans of Anderson Paak and Chance the Rapper and has shared stages with national acts such as Cool Kids, Grieves, and The Pack. James Gardin will be performing at The Parrot Club from 2-2:30 pm and at Mac’s Bar with Jahshua Smith from 10:45 to 11:30. Get ready for his sets by checking out his music here!

FFO: feeling wholesome, sunshine, bowties

Narco Debut | Metro-Detroit, MI
Since forming in 2012, the Metro-Detroit three piece known as Narco Debut have developed a style of music that is somehow pensive and explosive all at once. Throughout their time together, the band have crafted a live performance that is simultaneously nostalgic and something brand new, sounding similar to groups like Coheed & Cambria and The Mars Volta. You can check out Narco Debut’s EP Garden Dreams here and their performance at The Owl House from 6:30-7pm!

FFO: slow headbanging, self reflection, internal consonance

Teething | Grand Rapids, MI
With influences like Swans, Neurosis, and Cult of Luna, Teething have crafted a musical style of instrumental doom, something they attribute to the environment we live in. Teething will be playing at The Owl House from 3:30-4pm and you can listen to their music before the fest here!

FFO: doom, gloom, wearing earplugs at shows

Krissy Booth | Lansing, MI
Since the beginning of her career, Krissy Booth has bridged the gap between performance art and concert, creating an experience that can only be described as entrancing. With a particular blend of synthy and indie electronic music, this Lansing artist is reminiscent of St. Vincent or Grimes with a bit of Kesha mixed in. This is an artist best experienced live so be sure to catch be at Mac’s Bar from 1:15-2am this Saturday! Get ready for the fest by listening to Krissy’s music here! Krissy also did a Five On Friday playlist with us, which can be seen here.

FFO: glitter, magic, synth

(photo by Laura E)
Parkway & Columbia | Ann Arbor, MI
Drawing inspiration from artists such as Sufjan Stevens, The Antlers, and David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, Parkway & Columbia epitomize the sound of melodic indie and lilting vocals. Having played with other local acts like The Fever Haze, Vital Sea, and Dogleg (who will also be playing this year’s StoopFest) the rotating cast of musicians that make up Parkway & Columbia have made themselves a staple in the Michigan local scene. Catch them opening up The Avenue from 12:45-1:15pm and listen to their debut album, Transmissions, here!

FFO: basement shows, indie ballads, being in touch with your emotions

(photo by Taise Lgf)
Composetheway | Detroit, MI
What began as a way to express her love for music and connection has become Jordyn Davis’ full-fledged musical creation known as “Composetheway”. Pulling influence from artists from Fleet Foxes to Miles Davis, Composetheway is somehow everything at once; sometimes jazz, sometimes indie rock, and always everything in between. You can check out Composetheway’s EP, Connections, here before you see them at Foster Home from 2:45-3:15pm!

FFO: composing your own way, red wine, swaying to the rhythm

(photo by Sam Porter)
Typesetter | Chicago, IL

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Typesetter will be making their way to Lansing for this year’s fest and you can catch them performing at The Avenue from 6:45-7:15pm. Having played with The Flatliners and PUP, this five piece have found a home within the punk scene. Since forming in 2012, Typesetter have released one full length album and a number of singles that have made them popular among fans of bong mountain, Bike Tuff, and Caskitt. Check out their debut album here!

FFO: sweating, letterpress printing, wearing black clothing

Tryancareagain | Ferndale, MI
The group known as Tryancareagain have called themselves a cross between “deck rock” and “patio punk”, making them the perfect addition to this year’s lineup. Despite being fairly new to the local scene, the band has two strong singles that reside somewhere between folk punk and emo, which can be listened to here! Give them a warm StoopFest welcome by checking out their set at The Owl House from 2:30-3pm.

FFO: good bands with minimal released music, that one band that sounds like that other band you can’t remember the name of, strong song transitions

Outside Air | East Lansing, MI

If you find yourself on the East Side of Lansing this Saturday, drop by The Parrot Club from 6-6:30pm and check out East Lansing’s very own Outside Air. The three-piece hover from post-punk to shoegaze, with a sound that is reminiscent of Cloakroom or Nothing. Get ready for Outside Air’s set by checking out their music here!

FFO: walls of sound, headbanging with your eyes closed, being unsure of what to do with your hands at a show

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